Undergraduate Curriculum Overview

The core curriculum is the central part of Walton College degrees and is the same for all majors. Broken down into two categories, the pre-business core and the business core, these 17 classes (46 hours) introduce each of the seven business disciplines and show you how they work together. They will also help you to decide which areas interest you so that you will be better equipped to select a major.

Pre-Business Core (25 hours) Business Core (21 hours) University Core (26 hours) General Education Electives (BSBA) Foreign Language Requirement (BSIB) Jr/Sr Business Electives (BSBA) International Business Requirements (BSIB) Major Courses

Pre-Business Core

The pre-business core must be completed in its entirety before moving on to junior and senior level business courses. Courses marked with an asterisk (*) are recommended for the first semester.

  • ENGL 1013 Composition I*
  • ENGL 1023 Composition II
  • MATH 2053 Finite Math*
  • ECON 2013 Macroeconomics
  • ECON 2023 Microeconomics
  • MATH 2043 Survey of Calculus
  • COMM 1313 Public Speaking*
  • ISYS 1123 Business Application Knowledge*
  • WCOB 1111 Business Connections*
  • WCOB 1033 Data Analysis and Interpretation
  • ACCT 2013 Principles of Accounting
  • ACCT 2023 Principles of Accounting II or MGMT 2053 Business Foundations
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Business Core (21 hours)

  • BLAW 2013 The Legal Environment of Business*
  • ISYS 2103 Business Information Systems
  • SCMT 2103 Introduction to Supply Chain Management
  • MGMT 2103 Managing People and Organizations
  • FINN 3043 Principles of Finance
  • MKTG 3433 Introduction to Marketing
  • MGMT 3013 Strategic Management
  • Courses marked with an asterisk (*) are recommended for the first semester.

University Core

Totaling 26 hours, the University Core is a group of classes that are designated by the state of Arkansas as requirements for receiving a degree from any Arkansas public institution.

Based in the liberal arts and sciences, these courses are intended to broaden your general knowledge base and world view, as well as to help you develop skills in writing and critical thinking. Some of these courses are included in the pre-business core. University Core requirements include:

  • English: 2 courses/6 hours (Writing and literature)
  • Mathematics: 1 course/3 hours (Satisfied by MATH 2053 in pre-business core)
  • Natural Science with lab: 2 course/8 hours (i.e. biology, geology, physics, chemistry, astronomy, etc.)
  • Social Sciences: 3 courses/9 hours (ECON 2013 Macroeconomics and ECON 2023 Microeconomics satisfy 6 hours of the requirement. One additional course must be selected from topics including psychology, sociology, history, government, etc.)
  • Fine Arts/Humanities: 2 courses/6 hours (i.e. music lecture, theater lecture, philosophy, world literature, etc.)
  • The foreign language requirement under the Bachelor of Science in International Business degree plan will satisfy the humanities requirement for students seeking that degree.
  • History/Government: 1 course/3 hours (i.e. US history, American national government)

General Education Electives (BSBA)

Under the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, general education electives are available to students to use as they wish. These 9 hours may include anything from an additional course or two in a particular area of interest, to a complete minor in an area of arts and sciences, to marching band, choir or even bowling.

Many business majors use these hours to link their business degree to a specific field such as apparel studies, recreation and sports management or advertising and public relations. Any non-business course may be counted as a general education elective.

Foreign Language Requirement (BSIB)

Under the Bachelor of Science in International Business, students are required to complete approximately 15-18 hours in a single foreign language. Some students will elect to continue a language which they started in high school. Others will start a completely new language.

These types of decisions will affect the exact number of classroom hours required. Courses are divided between conversation and grammar courses and cultural studies including literature, sociology and economics of the areas that speak each language.

Although it is not an option for every language, many students elect to structure their foreign language courses so that they receive a minor in the area.

Jr/Sr Business Electives (BSBA)

An additional block of courses that is required for all students is the Junior/Senior Business electives block. These courses allow you to select 12-15 hours of business courses outside your chosen major and give you the opportunity to expand your knowledge of other areas of business.

Although you may choose any courses that you wish to complete these requirements, many students are making the decision to use these hours to complete a business minor that compliments their choice of major. Study abroad hours, internship credit and some extra-curricular involvement may also be used here.

International Business Requirements (BSIB)

For students who are working toward the Bachelor of Science in International Business, the International Business Requirements consist of a designated group of courses from which you can choose. Including topics in global economics as well as international courses in each discipline, these courses will give you a strong foundation in both domestic and international business as it exists today.

Major Courses

Although the required courses vary by major and even concentration, all students are required to complete 21-24 hours in their major discipline for the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration or 18 hours in their emphasis area for the Bachelor of Science in International Business.

In either degree plan, this group of courses is designed to provide knowledge and skill sets specific to your area of interest. This is where you become an expert in your field!

To see course lists specific to each degree and major, go to the advising worksheets page and select your interest area from the list.