What do I need to do to be admitted to the Walton College of Business?

The Walton College does not have a separate admission process or application. All students who are admitted to the University of Arkansas and want to major in business are admitted to the Walton College as freshmen and begin taking business classes in their first semester. To apply for admission to the University of Arkansas, go to http://apply.uark.edu.

Can I complete a degree in 4 years?
YES! All Walton College degrees are structured on a 4-year plan. Students who complete approximately 15-16 hours each semester will be able to graduate in 4 years.

What is the average cost of attending the Walton College?
Costs of attendance can vary each year and even each semester. For the average cost for the current academic year, go to https://treasurer.uark.edu/tuition.aspx.

When do I declare a major?
Most college students are unsure about what major they would like to pursue. Business is no different. Fortunately, students in the Walton College do not have to select a specific major until the end of their fourth or fifth semester. Since all students begin their studies in the pre-business core, there is plenty of time to explore the options and learn about each of the 9 major areas before narrowing down to one. Declaring a major in the first semester or the fifth semester should not affect a student's 4-year plan.

What is the average class size for a business class?
The average class size for Walton College classes is approximately 36 students; however the pre-business core courses are usually taught in groups of 60 due to the sequential nature of the program and the need to accommodate larger groups as they move through the classes together.

Who is my advisor?
All freshmen in the Walton College are advised by the professional advising staff through the Undergraduate Programs office in the Walton College. Each student may select the advisor he/she would like to see or simply see the first available advisor. First-year students are required to meet with an advisor before registering for classes during their first two semesters. Business students are not required to meet with an advisor for registration in later semesters, but are strongly encouraged to do so.
Transfer students are not automatically assigned to a Business Connections course, but may elect to enroll in Transfer Business Connections during their first semester if they are interested in joining this program.
For more information, see the Business Connections section under Your Business Degree on the left.

What is a typical first semester for a business major?
Since all business majors begin their programs in the pre-business core, the first semester is fairly standard. Most students will take 15-16 hours consisting of the following courses:

  • WCOB 1111 Freshman Business Connections
  • BLAW 2013 Legal Environment of Business
  • ISYS 1123 Business Application Knowledge
  • COMM 1313 Public Speaking
  • ENGL 1013 Composition I
  • MATH 2053 Finite Math (or another math course depending on placement by ACT/SAT score)
  • 3-4 hours of University core (science, social science, fine arts, etc.)

For students who are bringing in credit either through AP/IB tests or concurrent credit through another college or university, adjustments will be made on an individual basis when the student meets with an advisor during orientation.

Is foreign language required for a business degree?
Yes and no. For students pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, no foreign language is required. Students may choose to take language courses as part of their fine arts or elective choices. For students pursuing a Bachelor of Science in International Business, approximately 21 hours are required in a single foreign language. These hours may vary depending on the amount of previous experience a student has in his/her selected language.

Students who are members of the Walton Scholars Program are also required to complete a foreign language through the intermediate II level. These students should consult with the Assistant Director for Honors Programs to determine their foreign language needs.

What are the eligibility requirements for the honors program?
The Walton Scholars Program is the 4-year academic honors program within the Walton College. To be eligible during the first semester, students must have a 3.75 high school GPA and a 28 on the ACT or 1240 on the SAT (critical reading and math only). If a student meets these requirements, he/she will be invited to join the program during orientation. Any student who does not meet one or both of these requirements, but is interested in becoming a member of the honors program, may apply to join after obtaining a 3.5 University of Arkansas cumulative GPA in his/her first year.

When do I register for my first semester?
All new University of Arkansas students are required to attend an orientation session before registering for their first semester of classes. Orientation sessions are held in June and include information on campus life, housing, registration, financial aid, scholarships and more. During each orientation session, students and their guests will attend a dean's meeting in the Walton College where staff members will give presentations and answer questions on curriculum and the specifics of each degree program. Students will also meet one-on-one with an advisor to plan their first semester schedule and will then register for classes with the assistance of current students and staff. Orientation information is usually sent out with each student's acceptance packet. For more information regarding orientation, go to orientation.uark.edu.