Costs and Funding

The cost of attending Walton is much lower than other elite business colleges, and the return is high. We believe the student experiences here provide for a great return on your investment, which is why our programs have been consistently named "Best Value" among top business programs.


How Much Will School Cost?

Visit the University of Arkansas' Tuition Estimator to determine an approximate cost of tuition, housing, fees and other miscellaneous costs.

These calculations do not consider scholarship or financial aid awards. Costs vary based on a student’s individual class schedule, and various other factors, and do not include textbooks and personal expenses. For tuition, students are charged by the credit hour. Other costs—such as health fees, technology fees, and meal plans — may be charged on a flat fee or per credit hour basis.

The room and board estimates are based on averages provided by University Housing.

To learn more about the costs associated with attending the University of Arkansas and the Walton College and to calculate a tuition and fees estimate based on your unique situation, please see the Treasurer’s Office.


Not An Arkansas Resident?


Learn more about the New Arkansan Non-Resident Tuition Award. This scholarship covers the majority of the difference between out-of-state and in-state tuition for students from any state in the nation.

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How Can I Pay For College?

The cost of attending the University of Arkansas can be offset through scholarship, grants, federal aid and private loans.

Financial Aid typically refers to federal programs that assist students in paying for college either through grants, loans or work study programs. To qualify for these programs, students must meet specific eligibility criteria usually based on their financial need. To apply for financial aid, students and their families must complete the FAFSA, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid by March 1st each year.

  • Grants: Grants are from federal sources and are gifted to recipients which means they do not have to be repaid. To qualify for a grant, students generally must hold a specific GPA and meet grant-specific requirements.
  • Federal Loans: Just like other loans, federal education loans must be repaid, but allow student to borrow the money needed to cover tuition, fees and other costs associated with education, often at lower interest rates than private loans. Education loans are usually deferred, meaning students do not have to begin repaying the loan until after graduation.
  • Work Study: The Federal Work Study Program helps students earn financial funding through a part-time work program. Students who qualify for Work Study hold part-time jobs in various areas of campus and earn money to assist with their education and living expenses.
  • Learn more about Financial Aid at the University of Arkansas by visiting the Office of Financial Aid.

Scholarships: Typically derived from private funding, scholarships are usually merit-based, taking into consideration a variety of criteria from major and GPA to geographic area and hobbies. Scholarships are competitive and are gifted to recipients who must meet eligibility requirements. In addition to scholarships offered by academic institutions, many civic organizations, interest groups, companies and religious organizations also have scholarship programs. See below for more information about University of Arkansas and Walton College scholarship opportunities.

Private Loans: Private loans may come from a variety of sources. Visit your local bank for information regarding their private loan options. Compare interest rates, re-payment options and qualifying information to find the best deal for you.


University of Arkansas Scholarships

Many scholarships are available at the campus level. We encourage you to investigate opportunities at the Academic Scholarship Office.

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Arkansas Alumni Association Scholarships

The Arkansas Alumni Association has a growing list of scholarship opportunities for incoming and current students.

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Walton College Scholarships

Due to the generosity of private donors, the Walton College has the opportunity to award annual scholarship funds to currently enrolled undergraduate students and incoming/enrolling freshmen and transfer students.

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