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walton collegeThe study of management prepares men and women for positions of leadership in profit and nonprofit organizations of all sizes. Management curriculum focuses on the nature and capabilities of human and other resources, as well as how the manager plans, organizes, staffs, coordinates, and evaluates those resources in an organization and its environment. 

Management Degree in Arkansas

Learning About Management: The Business of People

When students earn an undergraduate business degree in management, what they’re really pursuing is an education in how to help people and their organizations become more successful. No matter what discipline students pursue, they will work with other people and likely end up managing some of them, whether it’s a small team for a short-term project or larger groups of people. Management is a skill that is relevant regardless of industry or other areas of expertise, which is why many students choose it as a second major or as a minor.



Online Degree Program: Human Resources Management
Bachelor's Degree

online degree

More than ever, managers of human resources must integrate individual goals with organizational objectives to encourage high-quality performance by employees.

This online program provides a flexible and cost-effective opportunity to pursue a Human Resources Management degree, whether you are new to college, completing a degree started years ago, or seeking an additional degree to enhance your skillsets.

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Human Resources Management Degree

The Human Resource Management degree is designed to prepare students for careers in human resource-related occupations. Among issues and areas addressed are management-employee relations, quality of work life, compensation and other reward systems, organizational staffing, and training and development. The Human Resource Management curriculum emphasizes the importance of integrating individual goals and organizational objectives.

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Management Degree: Organizational Management and Leadership Major
Bachelor's Degree

The major in Organizational Management and Leadership leads to a B.S.B.A. and prepares students for leadership positions within organizations. Among the topics explored are employee motivation, how to manage power and influence within organizations, communication, developing and leading effective teams, managing diversity, organizational transformation and change, and globalization.

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Management Courses

View a listing of all undergraduate management courses offered by the Sam M. Walton College of Business.

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Management Minor

The Department of Management offers a minor for students desiring more knowledge of management to assist them in their careers.

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