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EPIC Spotlight: Nick Dintelmann

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March 24, 2014

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“Getting involved right away at Walton College is key.”

After touring the University of Arkansas, it was the Walton College that helped me decide to enroll here. Seeing the Walton College campus and hearing about its programs and all it does for students, from Leadership Walton to the Research Institutes, made me feel at home. Even though I was at the last orientation, one week before school started, they worked with me to make sure I started out on the right foot and have kept me on that path ever since.

I knew that I wanted to do international business. Ever since my family adopted three of my siblings from South Korea, the world has interested me more and more every day. Walking into orientation, I was 100 percent sure that international business was for me, but I was not sure what to concentrate in.

Then we bumped into Renee Clay, a remarkable woman who helped me decide to pick Supply Chain Management. After my parents and I talked with her, we realized that International Supply Chain fit everything that I wanted, a global career that will always be exciting.

Getting involved right away at Walton College is key. I applied and was accepted into Leadership Walton of which I am a proud member to this day. They have provided me with many resources to success and knowledge into the ever-changing world of business.

I also joined the Transportation and Logistics Association, which helps students learn more about supply chain past, present and beyond. The Supply Chain Management Research Center and the department have been absolutely amazing, and I have learned so much through each of them. The research center encouraged me to apply to many of their programs, and through it I received a mentor from Kellogg’s who has helped show me the real life of supply chain. The center also sent me to Denver to participate in a team case study competition, which gave our team great skills and knowledge. Getting involved is the best thing you can do for your major.

On the international business side, I realized something – there was no organization! Through the Global Engagement Office and the Economics Department, we worked tirelessly in the year 2011 to bring about one of Walton’s newest clubs, the International Business Club, which celebrated its inaugural year during the 2012-2013 academic year.

We worked with the new Walton College exchange students and gave insight to U of A students who chose this degree. We’ve grown so much to around 200 members, and I cannot wait for this next year.

Walton College helped me to study abroad as well. The Global Engagement

Office made sure I knew what to do and when to do it and made sure everything was correct and in order. Through them and the Study Abroad Office, I was able to spend the summer of 2012 in Besancon, France, speaking French 24/7, staying with an great host family and gaining insight into the culture of France and its people.

The University of Arkansas has given me so much. I will now be a three-year resident assistant and am going to Maple Hill South this year. I will be working with the TLA and IBC as their president and working to bring Walton College students everything they need to take part in these two amazing organizations.

Because of all these things, I received an internship at the Hershey Company office in Bentonville. I enjoyed my time with them this summer and on into the school year as well.

Thank you, Walton College and the U of A. Go Hogs!

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