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Ph.D Programs: Admissions Information


Requirements for PhD Applicants

Supporting documentation may be emailed to

Application Form

Individuals wishing to apply for a PhD program should complete the online application for admission. If you are unable to complete the application online, please contact us at . Additionally, individuals should consult the Application Instructions to determine what other items need to be submitted in conjunction with their application to the Graduate School of Business.

Application Fee (NON-REFUNDABLE)

A $60.00 application fee must accompany application materials. The fee must be made payable to the University of Arkansas in U.S. dollars, drawn on a U.S. bank. The application fee is non-refundable and no application will be processed without the fee. Please call 479-575-2851 to pay with a credit card.


A copy of a current résumé is required. Be certain that your résumé indicates your full-time and part-time employment history, extracurricular collegiate, professional, and community activities, honors and awards, and foreign language proficiency.

Official Transcripts

Official transcripts from each college or university you attended, undergraduate and graduate, are required. Course work completed at one institution and posted on the transcript of a second institution is not acceptable. A transcript from the original institution is required (this includes summer course work, exchange programs, etc.). The registrar must seal the envelope, sign his/her name across the seal, and return the transcripts to you or mail them directly to us.

If you cannot send electronic copies of transcripts or letters of recommendations, please mail the items to: Sam M. Walton College of Business, Graduate School of Business – Admissions Department, Willard J. Walker Hall – Rm 310, Fayetteville, AR 72701.

Letters of Recommendation

Three letters of recommendation are required in support of your application. One should come from an individual who is familiar with your scholastic record and one should come from an individual who is familiar with your professional performance. The third letter can be from either a second academic or professional reference or from someone who knows you well and is familiar with your potential as a graduate student.Letters of recommendation are confidential, and will not be released to the applicant.

Personal Statement of Objectives

Include ways in which you have been influenced by past academic and work experiences, personal strengths and weaknesses, career goals, research interests, and benefits you anticipate from this program. Length should be kept to one-to-two pages.

Official GMAT or GRE Score Report

We require that the test administrator submit your score directly to the University of Arkansas. The appropriate test must be taken within five years of the semester in which you wish to enroll. Your application will not be processed until we have received your official GMAT or GRE score.

Which test is accepted for the program and when is the deadline to apply?

Program GMAT GRE Application Deadline
PhD in Accounting December 1st
PhD in Economics January 15th
PhD in Finance December 15th
PhD in Information Systems January 15th
PhD in Management January 15th
PhD in Marketing December 1st
PhD in Supply Chain Management December 15th

International Applicants

International Applicants must also submit the following:

  • Summary of Educational Experience Form
  • Supplemental and Financial Information Form
  • All international applicants must take the TOEFL. A spoken English test score is required of all international PhD applicants and the internet-based TOEFL is our recommended test. You may take the IELTS Academic or the PTE-A as an alternative.
    Required Scores:
  • We require a minimum score of 79 on Internet-based TOEFL, a minimum score of 6.5 on the IELTS Academic, or a minimum score of 58 on the PTE-A. We require a minimum score of 26 on the speaking section of the internet-based TOEFL, a minimum of 7.0 on the speaking section of the IELTS Academic, or a minimum of 71 on the speaking section of the PTE-A.

    Non-native speakers of English, regardless of citizenship, must demonstrate competency in both spoken and written English to be eligible for a graduate assistantship that requires direct contact with students in a teaching or tutorial role, in a traditional classroom setting or via distance education. This includes non-native speakers of English who have earned a previous degree in the United States.

    Competency in spoken English may be demonstrated by:

    Submitting a test score of at least 7 on the IELTS Academic (speaking) sub-test, 26 on the Internet-based TOEFL (speaking) sub-test, 71 on the PTE-A (speaking) sub-test, or “pass” on the Spoken Language Proficiency Test (SLPT) and

    Competency in written English may be demonstrated by:

    a. Submitting a test score of at least a 6.0 on the IELTS Academic (writing) subtest, 26 on the Internet-based TOEFL (writing) subtest, a 4.0 on the GRE, a 4.5 on the GMAT (analytical writing) subtest, a 71 on the PTE-A (writing) sub-test, or a 75 on the English Language Proficiency Test (ELPT)


    b. Concurrently enrolling in ELAC 2033 Reading and Writing II and ELAC 0011 Grammar OR ELAC 2033 Research Writing for Non-Native Speakers and ELAC 0011 Writing Workshop: Grammar through Editing via placement by test scores (5.5 IELTS Academic writing sub-test, 23 Internet-based TOEFL writing sub-test, 3.5 GRE or 4.0 GMAT analytical writing subtest, 62 PTE-A writing sub-test, or 70 on the ELPT). The Graduate Coordinator or Department Chair must request this option.