Student Spotlight: Meet Maxwell McKinney

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March 4 , 2021

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Why did you choose the University of Arkansas?

I chose the University of Arkansas because of how well respected the Sam M. Walton College of Business was. I knew I wanted to study accounting when I started college and the 5-year MACC (Master of Accountancy) program caught my attention. Overall, I loved the campus when I toured and couldn’t wait to start.

Why did you choose to be an accounting major?

I chose to become an accounting major because of the versatility in that field. In high school one of my teachers told me “If you can major in accounting, do it. It’s easier to go from accounting to another field such as marketing, but it’s difficult for someone in marketing to do accounting work.” I have also always heard that in business, the most important person in the room is the person that understands the financials. I focused on making myself as versatile as possible so I could be successful in the future.

  What has been your biggest achievement during your time at Arkansas? Why?

My biggest achievement during my time at the U of A was my ability to serve. I always wanted to make sure that I was helping others in any way possible, whether that be through professional development or giving back to those in the community. It gave me so much joy to know that I helped make someone’s life easier.

  How has your college experience differed from other students?

My college experience has differed from most students just because of the involvement that I have on and off campus. I believe that I was able to gather a lot of new perspectives and learn about many different experiences while in college.

In your opinion, what has led you to having a unique college experience?

I believe that the organizations I am involved in have led me to a unique college experience. I am fortunate enough to be a leader in a lot of organizations on campus. I was recognized for my leadership skills by serving on the homecoming court this year, which I am very grateful and thankful for.

What clubs are you involved in?

On campus, I am the president of the National Association of Black Accountants, financial secretary of the Kappa Kappa Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated, member of the Sam M. Walton College of Business – Office of Diversity and Inclusion Student Advisory Board, help desk aide, and Razorback tutor.

  What do you plan to do after college?

After college, I will be working for Deloitte in their Dallas office as a risk and financial advisory analyst.

Have you had any internships? Where?

I have had three internships while in college. One was with the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency in Little Rock and the other two were with AT&T in their Customer Relations and Audit Departments.

What would you say the best part of Walton is? Why?

The best part about Walton is all of the connections and professional development that they provide. I was able to learn a lot through the Office of Diversity & Inclusion Office in Walton and they provided me with a lot of opportunities as well.

Have you received any scholarships while attending the U of A?

I have received scholarships from the Office of Diversity & Inclusion, the Links Foundation, and the National Association of Black Accountants Northwest Arkansas Professional Chapter.

What is one piece of advice you wish you had freshmen year?

Get involved in as many things as you can handle. College is about putting yourself out there. You learn a lot of life skills from those organizations that you are involved in and make a lot of network connections too.

What is your favorite memory of being in Walton? Why?

My favorite memory from Walton was participating in the Kelley School of Business Diversity Case Competition in Indianapolis, Indiana. I was able to work with other students within the business school to come up with a really innovative business idea. We were able to have fun and grow closer, while also giving a successful presentation.

What has been your favorite class that you have taken? Why?

My favorite class was Business Application Development. I was able to code and create interesting platforms in that class. I learned new skills that I can take into my future career from this class.