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Fleischer Scholars Program

The Fleischer Scholars Program is designed to serve first-generation high school students in Arkansas interested in studying business. All students will receive a new laptop and complete a college course, FINN 1003, Your Money and Credit, free of charge.


Students are encouraged to apply for this University of Arkansas summer program.

Part one of the 2022 Fleischer Scholars Program application is due March 1, 2022.

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Program Details

Participants in Summer 2022 will experience a 5-week virtual program (held on Tuesdays and Thursdays) to discover career paths in business, develop an entrepreneurial mindset, practice communication skills, network with Walton College students, faculty, staff and alumni, and engage with community business leaders.

Who Can Participate?

Rising high school seniors are encouraged to apply.

Selection Criteria

Scholars are selected with the following criteria considered:

  • Graduating from an Arkansas High School
  • First generation status
  • Academic performance in high school
  • Involvement in leadership and community service
  • Teacher recommendation
  • Household Income/Financial Need

Meet Morton Fleischer

Morton Fleischer is a successful financier, entrepreneur and real estate investor. From his beginnings as a janitor in the local dime store to now, he has formed more than twenty real estate companies, taking three of them public on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

With the Fleischer Scholars Program, his goal is to assist economically disadvantaged students allowing them to graduate from college and to encourage them to invest their time and talent back into their hometown communities upon graduation. He calls this the “multiplier effect” and hopes that these future leaders will serve as role models and thus cause a ripple effect in these communities.