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Multimedia Services

The MSC empowers you to:

  • Utilize a fully equipped television studio complete with three cameras and teleprompter, green screen and more. (Or use one camera for simpler recordings.)
  • Check out a small camera and tripod that you can use out in the field. (students only)
  • Edit your video using Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro software.
  • Create vivid graphics with a variety of software options.
  • Record voice over and/or edit audio files
  • Upload your finished work on to CD, DVD or Online formats.
  • Insert your edited video in to PowerPoint presentations.
  • Stream videos using a wide range of current technologies.


  • The MSC shoots primarily on the HDV platform, however we can also produce videos on DVCam, Beta SP, MiniDV, DVD and all streaming formats.
  • Students, we can shoot for you or we have a FlipCam and Sony MiniDV checkout camera you can use to record your video segments. The first time you reserve the camera, you will need to allow an extra 30 minutes to take a short course on how to use it. You may reserve the camera by sending us an e-mail. You must be a Walton College student to checkout equipment.


  • The MSC has two MACs both with Adobe CS6 and one with Final Cut Pro. We also have one hybrid Time Machine editor housed in the MSC. Our staff is very capable of assisting you with your editing needs.

PowerPoint Insertion

  • Inserting video into your PowerPoint can result in a very dynamic presentation. How else can you bring in a business entrepreneur or authority on a particular subject directly to your class?

Production Costs

  • The MSC can help you with a production on campus. To request a copy of our current rate structure, please email us at

Student Services

Our services are available for no charge to student currently taking classes in the Walton College. We are a great tool to assist you in creating multimedia or enhance any PowerPoint presentations you may have for one of your business classes.

We have a variety of equipment that is available for checkout;
You can call 479-575-3243 or email us at for inquiries.
All equipment is on a first-come, first-served basis and can only be checked out for 24 hours.

  • HD Sony hard drive video camera
  • HD Flip video camera
  • MiniDV video camera
  • Digital still camera
  • Tripods
  • Microphones
  • TV studio with green screen
  • Sound booth for voice over
  • MAC Final Cut and IMovie editor
  • PC Adobe Premiere editor
  • Photoshop
  • DVD creation software


Video Tutorials

Lecture Capture

Online Requests

On-line Requests

To Request a Production

  • If you work at the Walton College use this link.

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