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Presenter of the Year Competition

Congratulations to our winners: Mitchelle Atungulu (first place), Sydnie Wilson (second place), and Cameron Willis (third place)! Finalists included Aryaman Rallipalli, Savannah Rubino, and Luke Shuffield.

The annual Presenter of the Year competition occurred on November 16, 2019. The competition was sponsored by the Sam M. Walton College of Business, the Department of Communication, and the University of Arkansas Bookstore. Contestants were Sam M. Walton College of Business students who are also currently enrolled in a Public Speaking course (COMM 1313). The final round (11.30am-12.30pm) was open to the all who wish to attend. 

Contestants delivered a five to seven-minute informative (rather than persuasive) speech; mastering this style of speeches is important since speaking to inform is one of the most common forms of on-the-job communication. 

How do I register for this competition?

Registration is currently closed, but check back in October 2020 for the next competition!

Why are you having this competition?

We have the best students and want to recognize their accomplishments and abilities in as many ways as possible! Plus, who doesn't love a good competition? Beyond that, though, this competition will demonstrate to students both the value of public speaking and how effective public speaking can help communities discover what issues and policies need to be addressed.

Contestants will be expected to deliver a five to seven-minute informative (rather than persuasive) speech; mastering this style of speeches is important since speaking to inform is one of the most common forms on-the-job communication.

The first 150 students who sign up will be allowed to participate, but others may join the waiting list by contacting the competition administrators. The signup form will open on October 23rd, but you are welcome to contact us with questions prior to its opening.

This competition is sponsored by the Department of Communication and the Walton Business Communication Lab, with additional support from the University of Arkansas Bookstore.

Finally, the "Presenter of the Year" competition shows how committed both the Department of Communication and the Sam M. Walton College of Business are to rewarding and recognizing students who take public speaking and effective communication seriously. Finding new, innovative ways for students to strengthen their public speaking is what we think about every single day of the week. Seriously, every single day.

How do I deliver a winning speech?

In order to progress from each round and reach the finals, your speech should:

  • Makes the audience aware of a problem concerning people who attend the University of Arkansas and/or live in the City of Fayetteville, Washington County, or Northwest Arkansas in general. Do not propose a solution to this problem; your goal is to make the audience aware of it.
  • Relies on non-controversial facts, facts that all sides of the debate over your prospective policy change acknowledge. For example, contestants could inform the audience about various programs that have distributed birth control in local high schools. Do not "inform" the audience that all schools should distribute birth control to high school students.
  • Supports its claims through clearly, succinctly given evidence (e.g. statistics or testimonials).
  • Teaches the audience something as well as engages the audience through effective delivery and mastery of content. All topics should be timely, interesting, and, of course, focused on a local issue.
  • Is delivered extemporaneously; 1-2 white, one-sided 4x6" notecards will be permitted. Contestants must use visual aids – such as a prop, slideshow, or Prezi. Contestants using slides should bring their slides on a USB/thumb/flash drive.

If you’re really interested in how your speech will be assessed, take a look at the judge’s scorecard.

What will I win?

Aside from a wonderful line on your résumé and the sheer satisfaction of being recognized as such an accomplished public speaker, winners will receive the following prizes:

  • First place: a $400 gift card to the University of Arkansas Bookstore
  • Second place: a $200 gift card to the University of Arkansas Bookstore
  • Third place: a wonderful gift basket of Razorbacks merchandise from the University of Arkansas Bookstore ($75-100 value) 

A special thanks to the University of Arkansas bookstore for providing support for these gifts. Shop there; they deserve your business.

What are the rules?

The speech contest will have 3 rounds: preliminary, semifinal, and finals. Each contestant will receive their preliminary room assignment upon check-in, which will run from 8:45-9:00 am in WCOB 117. A full set of rules and procedures are given below:

  • Short intervals (60 seconds) will occur between speeches to allow the judge to complete their notes.
  • Longer intervals will occur after the preliminary and semifinal rounds to allow judges to create the respective pools for the semifinal and final rounds, respectively.
  • Speeches that significantly come under or overtime will be penalized on a graduated scale.
  • Timers will keep the official record of time of each contestant’s speech; this recording will be provided to counters as they compile scores.
  • Timers will hold up a green sign at five (5) minutes, which will be left up for one (1) minute; timers will then hold up a yellow sign at six (6) minutes, which will be left up for one (1) minute. At seven minutes, the timer will hold up a red sign; this sign shall be left up until the speech is concluded.
  • Judges will assess each speaker based on his/her vocal delivery, body language, speech structure, speech development, word choice and arrangement, quality of ideas and evidence, and overall speech effectiveness.
  • Contestants must wear professional attire; see “Dress for Success” regarding professional attire.
  • Contestants using a PowerPoint or Prezi must bring a USB to the competition containing their slides.
  • Contestants, by signing up to participate, agree to our standard release terms: I hereby grant the Sam M. Walton College of Business and the Department of Communication for value received and without further consideration or compensation the authority and permission to use (in full or in part), reproduce, copy, exhibit, or distribute the recording taken of me, any recordings made of my voice and/or written extraction of such recordings, which may be reproduced for educational purposes in any medium, whether currently in use or yet to be discovered. Please note that photographs may be taken throughout the competition.

Who is judging the competition?

The first two rounds will be judged by representatives from the Department of Communication and the Walton Business Communication Lab. The final round, however, will be judged by some very special guests:

  • Dr. G. David Gearhart currently serves as Professor of Higher Education and Chancellor Emeritus of the University of Arkansas. Dr. Gearhart served as chancellor of the University of Arkansas from 2008 to 2015, following 10 years of service as the vice chancellor for university advancement at the university. He has also held positions at Westminster College, Hendrix College, Pennsylvania State University, and at the consulting firm of Grenzebach, Glier, and Associates. Dr. Gearhart is a nationally recognized and respected expert in capital campaigns and has authored two books and numerous articles on the topic. He is a Fayetteville native and few people have shown the commitment to the university, its advancement, and the community in general as he has.
  • Dr. Lynn Meade teaches in the Department of Communication, focusing primarily on Public Speaking, Nonverbal Communication, and Persuasion. An accomplished instructor, she has won several teaching awards, and few instructors have been so dedicated and decorated when it comes to student retention, communication skills, and overall teaching excellence. Most recently, she was awarded the Dr. John and Mrs. Lois Imhoff Award for Outstanding Teaching and Student Membership in 2018 and was voted a Game Day Professor by student athletes in both 2009 and 2015.
  • Sagar Vanteru is a sophomore Supply Chain Management student at the Sam M. Walton College of Business. In addition to being an amazing student, Sagar won last year's Presenter of the Year Competition by delivering a memorable speech on conservation and water quality/safety in Northwest Arkansas. Sagar is a native of Bentonville, Arkansas, and a proud graduate of Bentonville High School. He's a hard guy to impress, so bring your best speech!

Can my friends and family attend my speech?

The final round is open to everyone – after all, what’s a competition without an audience! We request that they not be disruptive and respect all speakers. Seriously, invite everyone you know to hear you give your speech.

Are you on social media?

Obviously. Who is not on social media nowadays? The Business Communication Lab is on Facebook and Twitter and the Department of Communication is on Facebook. We also encourage everyone who signs up or plans on attending to tweet, write a story, or post about the event using the hashtags #WaltonSpeaks and #WaltonIsEPIC.

We have one social media rule: be nice. Giving a speech is hard enough without having to deal with trolls. Also, do you really want the entire university community seeing you say that?