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FBC 2014 Profile

FBC Profile
Caitlin Britt, Will Simpson
WHP 2014

Britt-SimpsonCaitlin and Will came to the University of Arkansas from very different backgrounds, but soon found much in common through their experiences in the Walton Honors Program.

"The Walton Honors Program allows relationships to be made with other Honors students before school even begins." Honors students have their orientation first, giving them first pick on classes, but also allowing Honors students to get to know each other before school has even started. "In the Honors Freshmen Business Connections class I had the opportunity to know my classmates, an upperclassman mentor, and my advisor better."

"One of my favorite memories of freshman year was participating in the annual FBC Bowl." The FBC bowl is an annual event where Honors freshmen take on freshmen business students that are a part of the Freshmen Business Learning Team in a flag football game. Each freshmen Honors student received a t-shirt and had the option of playing in the flag football game or cheering on their classmates from the sidelines. "When I was a freshman the Honors students won the FBC Bowl 36-20!" This event allowed all four Honors FBC classes worked together towards a common goal and celebrate a big win!

Since being students in Honors FBC, Caitlin and Will have continued to build relationships with many friends who they have shared business classes with since.

"I have someone to sit by the first day of classes each semester and I always have someone to partner up with for group projects". Caitlin was selected to be an FBC mentor during her sophomore year and both her and Will remain active in the WHP as committee chairs on the Honors Student Executive Board. "These relationships have enriched my college experience and made the transition from high school to college so much easier."