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Student Success Spotlight: Sierra Hayes

Northwest Arkansas native Sierra Hayes is the face of Walton College for incoming students. She serves as the college's undergraduate recruiter for the Undergraduate Programs office.


Student Success Spotlight: Catherine Beasley

Beasley serves as the Associate Director of Student Success for Walton College a program which is introduced to college students in their Freshman Business Connections class, where they can earn their first badge.


Student Success Spotlight: Trisha DuCote

As one of the career coaches for Walton Career Services, Trisha DuCote works with students from the time they put together their first résumé to negotiating a job offer – an event that is exciting for all, including DuCote.


Marketing Students Generate Buzz

Matt Barber, Bess Roberts, Savannah Castleberry, Sydney Bates and Jack Parmele received first place for their marketing and brand solutions for an Any’tizer chicken snack promotion. They surveyed college students and let the data tell the story for their solutions.


Flagship Set To Serve Razorback Student-Athletes In NIL Era

The University of Arkansas has launched a program called "Flagship" to assist Razorback student-athletes in navigating the new Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) rules. This article discusses the resources and support available to student-athletes as they explore opportunities to monetize their personal brands in the NIL era.


Full Circle: Manny Mejia

Manny Mejia's story exemplifies the power of education to transform lives. This Walton College alumnus shares his journey from first-gen student to business executive.


Cultivating Skills for the Virtual Job Market

Discover how Walton College is equipping students with the essential skills needed for the virtual job market. Learn about their innovative programs and initiatives that prepare students for success in the digital workforce.


Waller Reappointed Dean of Walton College

Read about the reappointment of Matthew A. Waller as the Dean of Walton College and his vision for advancing business education, innovation, and community engagement.