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Listservs Guide and Information

The Walton College maintains student listservs for the purpose of informing students of upcoming events and information relevant to student life. Upon submission, messages to the listservs are reviewed and either approved or denied to the Walton College approval process in the Dean's Office. All listserv announcements must meet the requirements below before being approved for distribution

 Listserv Guides:

 Before submitting an announcement to one of the listservs below, please ensure that your announcement meets the following requirements:

  • Announcement must be related to the Walton College of Business (events, classes, business student organizations, etc.) and are limited to one announcement per event or activity.
  • Include an email or phone number for students to contact someone directly with questions.
  • Ensure that your announcement is ADA compliant:
    • Add a text equivalent to every image:  For every image included, add a line of HTML code to provide text for each image and graphic.  The words in the text tag should provide the reader with the same meaningful information that other users obtain by viewing the image. Click here to view the Microsoft Office guide to adding alternative text to an image.
    • Attachments must include a text-based format:  If you include a PDF attachment to your email, also attach a document in an alternative-text based format such as HTML or Rich Text Format.  These formats are typically compatible with assistive technologies.
    • Font size should be at least 12 point or larger.
    • Use good contrasting backgrounds:  If you include a non-white background color in your announcement, ensure that the contrasting text is clearly visible.


To post a message to the listservs, simply send an email to one of the addresses below.  Listservs are updated on the 11th day of each semester.

Please note that announcements related to class student surveys will be distributed at specified times during the academic year: March 15, March 31, October 15, and November 1.

Undergraduate Listservs:

Accounting undergraduate majors:

All Walton College undergraduates and graduates – Career Center topics:

Economics undergraduate majors:

Finance undergraduate majors:

Walton College freshmen:

General Business undergraduate majors:

Walton College Honors students:

International Business undergraduate majors:

Information Systems undergraduate majors:

Walton College juniors:

Management undergraduate majors:

Marketing undergraduate majors:

Pre-Business Walton College undergraduates:

Supply Chain undergraduate majors:

Walton College seniors:

Walton College sophomores:

Undeclared Walton College undergraduates:

All Walton College undergraduates:


Graduate Listservs:

Full-Time MBA Year 1:

Full-Time MBA Year 2:

Executive MBA/Healthcare MBA Year 1:

Executive MBA/Healthcare MBA Year 2:

Master of Accountancy:

Master of Professional Accounting:

Master of Arts in Economics:

Master of Economic Analytics:

Master of Finance:

Master of Supply Chain:

Full-Time MIS:

Professional MIS Year 1:

Professional MIS Year 2:

Master of Applied Bussines Analytics:

Professional MABA Year 1:

Professional MABA Year 2:

All Walton Master's Students:

All Walton Graduate Students: