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The Sam M. Walton College of Business



Business and Industry Partnerships are absolutely essential to the success of Enterprise Systems-and on many fronts including student success, curriculum and research. World-class Enterprise Curricula produces globally competitive students and give them competitive advantage for initial placement and for long-term successful professional careers.

Enterprise Systems collaborates with industry to put students first. This includes speakers for classes, internships, supporting student organizations, field trips and other student activities and job placement upon graduation. Both students and faculty benefit greatly in terms of learning, Enterprise Systems provides learning opportunities that otherwise would not be possible.

Collaborating with business and Industry is essential for conducting Enterprise Systems research-- Connecting scholarship and research with business practice. A number of faculty and doctoral students are leading Enterprise Systems research. The research focus areas include enterprise systems implementation, change management, decision-making and intervention for attitude change and skill development. An ERP simulation game is being used with Industry representatives to conduct research in these areas.