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Walton College Enterprise Systems collaborates with educational and industry leaders around the world to bring a variety of new resources to our students.

Collaboration with Partners

The University of Arkansas is continually improving, sharing, and collaborating with other universities and campuses across the globe. We prioritize collaboration because we put our students first. From impressive datasets to state-of-the-art systems, we would not be able to give our students the incredible resources we have if not for collaborating with industry members.

Another way that we bring these resources to the community is through engaging workshops. Dr. Ron Freeze and Dr. Rhonda Syler participate in and hold frequent workshops to disseminate information about current enterprise systems and to engage with the community, industry, and our students.

Business & Industry

The University of Arkansas works closely with business and industry leaders to provide its faculty and students with the latest information. Our growing partnerships are proof of our dedicated effort to supporting our faculty and students.

Our Partnerships

Workshop Information

Faculty and staff at the University of Arkansas are very involved with conferences and workshops around the globe, presenting their research and conducting tutorials on the latest enterprise systems technology.

Our Workshops