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World-class Enterprise Curricula produces globally competitive students and gives them competitive advantage. Our datasets and industry partnerships are absolutely essential to the success of Enterprise Systems at Walton College, leading to student success and advances in curriculum and research.

Access to Datasets

Large datasets administered by Walton College Enterprise Systems are for academic use only, and access to them is made available through connections to specific enterprise platforms.

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Overview of Datasets at Walton College


Acxiom combines consumer data and analytics, databases, data integration and consulting solutions for personalized multichannel marketing strategies.

The Acxiom infobase Demographical Database consists of extensive demographic data current as of December, 2011. The UA_ACXIOM table has 874 columns and 1,275,306 rows.

Acxiom Dataset


Hallux Productions (HP) is a small music publishing and management company focusing on local and regional artists in the Mid-South.

The Hallux database is comprised on 25 tables with over one million rows. It contains sales data from 1990 to 2006 from 5000 customers and 400 bands.

Hallux Dataset

Sam's Club

The Sam's Club Database contains retail sales information gathered from sales at Sam's Club stores.

The database consists of 6 tables with more than 55 million rows populated and ready for use.

Sam's Club Dataset


This retail sales information was provided to the Walton College of Business by Dillard's stores, Inc. Consisting of 5 tables with more than 128 million rows already populated and ready for use.

This is a gifted dataset that is based on real operational data. Like any real database, integrity problems may be noted. This can provide a unique opportunity not only to expose students to real data but also to illustrate the effects of data integrity problems.

Dillards Dataset


Nielsen Holdings is a publicly traded, multinational data measurement company - an industry leader in analyzing consumer behavior in terms of both media and physical consumption.

Nielsen Dataset

Tyson Foods

Tyson Frozen Foods manufactures and markets specialty frozen and refrigerated food products.

The data contains customer transactions for more than 13 thousand products shipped to 92 different sales districts in the United States.

Tyson Dataset


Reference: Systems that House Datasets

DataSet Names Teradata MS SQL Server SAP HANA IBM Z13
WCOB_SAMS_VISITS 07/2013      
WCOB_SAMS_SALES 09/2014      
WCOB_DILLARDS 01/2016      
WCOB_RSC 08/2015