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Enterprise Systems: Overview

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A Legacy of Corporate Support


IBM has been a consistent supporter of Enterprise Systems at the University of Arkansas.  Many Information Systems faculty are active members of IBM's Academic Initiative. The Academic Initiative helps faculty and researchers at the Walton College, as well as external academic users, implement the latest technology into curriculum and research.

Fall 2016: IBM loaned for five years a fully configured z13 along with accompanying software valued at $7 million. The gift comes with an additional $5 million annual support to the Walton College Enterprise Systems for use in its cutting-edge Enterprise Curriculum. The z13 has a 4 terabyte memory and replaces a z10 loaner from IBM made in 2010.

April 2007: IBM loaned for five years a fully configured zSeries z900 to the Walton College to support the Enterprise Curriculum. The 5-year value of the hardware/software package exceeded $25 million

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Teradata sits atop Gartner's magic quadrant for data warehousing and gives students hands-on experience with data warehousing technology which is a critical component of today's competitive businesses.

The Walton College is a member of the Teradata University Network (TUN), a group dedicated to being the premier academic resource for knowledge about data warehousing, decision support systems, business intelligence, and databases. Also, Walton College Enterprise systems serve as a host to TUN members for access to its large-scale, real-world databases.

Fall 2010: Teradata gifted the Walton College of Business a new Teradata 2650 system. This Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) system has 576 Gigabytes of memory and 20 TB of storage. This is a replacement of a previous systems donated by Teradata. 

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In 2006 Microsoft joined with Walton College to establish a consortium of universities to share instructional materials and resources to further education and research. Through the Microsoft Enterprise Consortium, member universities and students will have access to these large, real-world datasets through MS SQL Server.

Microsoft has gifted the Walton College with MS SQL Server 2005 Management Studio that has upgraded to MS SQL Server 2008 and Business Intelligence Development Studio along with MS Visual Studio Team Systems, MS Visual Student.NET 2005, analysis & design/project development software, and data warehousing software all valued at $4.5 million.

Using these tools students will have access to real-world datasets donated by Walton College's corporate partners.

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Almost all of the Fortune 100 companies use some form of ERP software and 59 of those 100 companies use SAP. As a member of the SAP University Alliances, the Walton College provides students hands-on training in the enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that runs businesses today.

We are a dual hosted university and through this alliance, SAP, the current market leader in ERP software, donates its SAP software for our academic use.

The value of the donation depends on the number students using the software in courses and generally is valued between $12 million and $14 million annually.

Baldor, ConocoPhillips and Tyson Foods also provide an annual gift to support faculty training, course development and system support for our SAP systems.

Recently, the Walton College Enterprise computing system was designated as a "large system warehouse hub" for SAP University Alliance members.

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Dataset Title Dataset Name Teradata SQL Server SAP HANA ERD Data Dictionary Tables Attributes Size (GB)
Dillard's Live WCOB_DILLARDS_LIVE 08/27/2019 n/a n/a Yes Yes 10 48 137.60
Dillard's 2018 WCOB_DILLARDS 06/26/2019 08/27/2019 Yes Yes Yes 6 48 42.40
Sam's Club Integrated WCOB_SAMS_INTEGRATED 06/26/2019 08/27/2019 n/a Yes Yes 5 148 199.90
Sam's Club Visits WCOB_SAMS_STOREVISITS 06/26/2019 08/27/2019 n/a Yes Yes 3 53 1,608.00
Sam's Club Sales WCOB_SAMS_SALES 06/26/2019 08/27/2019 n/a Yes Yes 3 129 811.30
Hallux UA_HALLUX 06/26/2019 08/27/2019 n/a Yes Yes 25 112 0.14
Acxiom PUBLIC_DATASETS_DM 08/27/2019 08/27/2019 n/a No No 1 874 4.78
Tyson UA_FROZENFOODS 06/26/2019 08/27/2019 n/a No No 20 124 3.41
Nielsen Nielsen1 06/26/2019 08/27/2019 n/a Yes Yes 7 163 51.28
Rubber Squeezy Chickens WCOB_RSC 06/26/2019 08/27/2019 n/a Yes Yes 12 87 0.02
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