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Tyson Frozen Foods

Tyson Frozen Foods manufactures and markets specialty frozen and refrigerated food products. Tyson markets its products domestically to food retailers, restaurant operators, and noncommercial foodservice establishments such as schools, hotels, and healthcare facilities. Most of Tyson customers are small businesses, and are divided along the Sales District dimension and Pricing Segment dimension. 

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Access To This Dataset

Access to this dataset is for educational use and Systems Access must be requested and approved prior to use. Once access has been approved, the Data Dictonary and Entity Relationship Diagram is available by logging into the requested system and selecting the Instructions tab.

Note: By legal agreement, It is forbidden to download the data from the University of Arkansas systems. This will be strictly enforced.

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Behind the Data

The sales organization advises the customer on what products will provide the strongest sell through as well as explains the pricing structure based on the sales district, and pricing segment.
The customer requests the appropriate products, which are then shipped through freights and frozen if necessary.

Tyson Frozen Foods cube consists of 6 dimension tables that are linked to a fact table. The data also contains COPA database, for cost and profitability analysis data. The data contains customer transactions for more than 13 thousand products shipped to 92 different sales districts in the United States.


The information available is based on the Tyson Frozen Foods COPA database available on SAP BW. Users will have the opportunity to explore the data and operations of the company and see how the data can be leveraged to improve profitability in the organization.

The Dataset

This is a gifted dataset that is based on real operational data. Like many real databases, integrity problems may be noted. This can provide a unique opportunity not only to expose students to real data but also to illustrate the effects of data integrity problems.

Accessing the Tyson Dataset

The Tyson dataset is contained within the Walton College of Business's Enterprise Systems.

The dataset can be accessed with SQL queries within the University of Arkansas's Remote Desktop environment. The best way to access the dataset would be within the University's Teradata SQL Assistant software or Microsoft SQL Management Studio (Systems).

Once an account is obtained, the Tyson database can be queried as fit by the user.