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SAS University Partnership

Partnering with SAS Global Academic Partnerships, the Walton College of Business utilizes their revolutionary software to provide a powerful system for managing, analyzing, and visualizing data. Providing a platform that anyone can learn, SAS gifted the Walton College software to use in an academic setting.

System Overview

Thanks to SAS Global Academic Programs, the Walton College has access to multiple SAS tools, which help users meet the challenges of big and complex data sets.

The SAS tools at the Walton College provide environments for both programmers and non-programmers alike.

For coders, users can write in different languages:  SAS, Python, R, and others. SAS is multilingual and adapts to the coding strengths of students.

Non-coders can click through their analyses – whether it is simple descriptive statistics using SAS Visual Analytics or complex machine learning models using SAS Model Studio.

Moreover, SAS Viya is a cloud-based system and this makes it easier for students to collaborate together on projects and assignments.

SAS Partnership

The Walton College and SAS has a relationship beyond software. Not only has SAS gifted the university some of their most advanced technology, they collaborate on the delivery of conference presentations and unique projects, such as the creation of an upcoming Data and Analytics for Good Journal.

We are thankful for the continued support SAS gives and look forward to seeing the partnership grow and develop in the future.


SAS Viya Usage

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