Walton Enterprise Systems & Accounting Dept

Walton Enterprise Systems has supported Accounting classes on our Microsoft SQL platform for many years now. With the growing success of Data Analytics for Accounting (Richardson, Terrell, & Teeter), a textbook merging both analytics and accounting fields, we are seeing a large number of accounting courses using our SQL platform to access datasets from this text.

Since the release of Data Analytics for Accounting in 2018 and the 2nd edition in 2020, we have seen an increase in users on our Microsoft SQL platform using our services to access the datasets used in this textbook. Walton Enterprise Systems has analyzed our Microsoft SQL data and found that there has been a steady increase year over year with both the number of classes and the number of students using this particular textbook since its release. We are happy to have both students and faculty from all over the world on our platform in support of accounting and analytics. The ongoing relationship between Walton Enterprise Systems and Data Analytics for Accounting has shown how related these fields are to one another and how analytics can be leveraged to gain insights in the accounting world. We look forward to expanding our platform and continuing to offer our world-class datasets to Dr. Vern Richardson, Dr. Katie Terrell, and Dr. Ryan Teeter.


  Newes image of Accounting data

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