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Walton Enterprise Systems & Duke

Duke University and the Walton Enterprise Systems have been working together on an online course since 2015. This Duke MOOC project provides the opportunity for students around the globe to use our state-of-the-art Dillard's dataset.

Since 2015, Duke has worked with the Walton College to provide global outreach to students via an online class. This class utilizes the Dillard's 2016 dataset where students learn how to run analytics and create visualizations using this dataset. The metadata for this course is tracked by the Enterprise Systems department in order to provide updated statistics on how active users are in this course. This data is used for the justification of continued collaboration with Duke University.

Duke dashboard

View data on Duke MOOC users and queries over time

We want to highlight our support of Duke University and show how valuable our academic partnership is in this project. As the Duke MOOC continues, the University of Arkansas is able to report current statistics of the activity of the program. In the future, we look forward to more opportunities with Duke such as expanding the Duke MOOC project to multiple online classes, as well as offering additional industry datasets.