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Walton Enterprise Systems & Razorback Baseball

With the title of SEC conference champions and an SEC tournament victory, it is no wonder the Diamond Hogs are considered one of the top programs in the nation. They have seen continued success and show no signs of slowing down.

                                                     Coaching Portal

This portal is designed for Diamond Hog coaches to see visuals that analyze Razorback players, as well as opponents regarding pitching, hitting, and scouting.

Enterprise Systems Collaboration

In the final semester of their degree, students are given a practicum project. They have the opportunity of working with a multitude of partners, one of which is the Razorback baseball team. After students are paired with the team, they are given a way to practically apply the data given and are supervised by their professor as well as the team.

Starting in Fall 2020, the baseball team paired with the business analytics practicum course. The team and students paired in their endeavor to improve the analysis of the team as well as improve our students understanding of the analytics associated with the sport. The students support the team through their analysis of the data given by the team.

SAS Partnership

Enterprise Systems and SAS have been working together for over 20 years, and provide the software that the students in the practicum course use, SAS Viya. Viya provides a platform that allows students to run both statistical analysis as well as create visualizations of insights they find.