Hallux Productions (HP) is a small music publishing and management company focusing on local and regional artists in the Mid-South. The Hallux database is comprised on 25 tables with over one million rows. It contains sales data from 1990 to 2006 from 5000 customers and 400 bands.

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Accessing the Hallux Dataset

The Hallux dataset is contained within the Walton College of Business's Enterprise Systems.

The dataset can be accessed with SQL queries within the University of Arkansas's Remote Desktop environment. The best way to access the dataset would be within the University's Teradata SQL Assistant software or Microsoft SQL Management Studio (Systems).

Once an account is obtained, the Hallux database can be queried as fit by the user.

Access To This Dataset

Access to this dataset is for educational use and Systems Access must be requested and approved prior to use. Once access has been approved, the Data Dictionary and Entity Relationship Diagram is available by logging into the requested system and selecting the Instructions tab.

Note: By legal agreement, It is forbidden to download the data from the University of Arkansas systems. This will be strictly enforced.

Request Systems Access

Behind the Data

Hallux Productions (HP) is a small music publishing and management company focusing on local and regional artists in the Mid-South. HP aims to be a "one-stop shop" for bands and individual music artists by offering recording contracts, live booking services, marketing, and album sales and distribution. Income is generated through two primary sources: album sales and booking services. To assist in this process, HP employs agents who search for talent, execute and manage recording contracts, and schedule live appearances. HP also maintains relationships with venues in the areas it serves to provide a steady source of talent for the locations and a stream of events for the artists. In return, HP earns a percentage of ticket sales or cover charges for each performance.

The Dataset

The Hallux database contains information that provides a snapshot of the company over all of the ideas discussed above. The Contract table specifies the terms of the contract, which may be one of many possibilities: duration, a certain number of albums, a certain number of live performances, or perpetual. It also specifies the percentage to be earned by the client on album sales and live performances. An agent's contact information, hire date, and status is stored in the Agent table. Album information is recorded in the Album table and live bookings are tracked in the Performance table. The tables containing the most amount of data are the Order tables: Order_Detail, Order_Header, and Order_Source. These tables, in aggregate, detail orders that HP has managed and contain the source, date, total, and the contents of the order. Finally, HP keeps a record of the clients in the Band table. A contact person, status, members, members' contact information, and instruments are all stored.


Table Name Time Frame Rows Attributes Size (GB)
Agent 1/1/1990 to 12/1/1999 42 5 0.408
Album 1/1/1990 to 12/27/2006 2,641 5 1.295
Band 1/1/1990 to 12/27/2006 400 6 0.626
Band_Genre n/a 600 2 0.668
Band_Member 1/1/1990 to 12/30/2006 1,415 4 0.728
Contract n/a 400 9 0.615
Customer n/a 5,000 9 5.107
Customer_Genre n/a 6,744 2 0.844
Customer_Profile 1/1/1937 to 12/31/1977 4,496 6 0.915
Genre n/a 7 2 0.375
Instrument n/a 15 2 0.382
Item n/a 30,777 3 14.260
Item_Type n/a 3 2 0.371
Member_Instrument n/a 2,281 2 0.737
Order_Detail n/a 783,635 5 60.266
Order_Header 1/6/1990 to 1/9/2007 184,126 8 24.189
Order_Source n/a 4 3 0.372
Performance 1/1/1990 to 9/10/2007 65,440 6 6.097
Person n/a 1,457 8 1.604
Producer n/a 11 2 0.379
Song n/a 27,936 5 7.855
State n/a 59 2 0.420
Venue n/a 100 6 0.470
Video n/a 200 3 0.517
Zip_Code n/a 32,031 5 6.234
25 TABLES     112 135.787
Platform data is currently available: Yes