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Topeka Metro Bikes

Topeka Metro is a ride sharing program in Topeka, Kansas from the company Social Bikes (SOBI). The program enhances Topeka's transportation options with 200 sturdy bikes around town available 24/7.

Program Benefits

Residents are encouraged to use Topeka Metro Bike for their commute, to do errands, visit friends, or just for fun. Some of the benefits of utilizing this ride sharing program include a healthier environment and a healthier user. Topeka Metro Bikes extends personal mobility options, reduces traffic congestion, and helps boost the local economy. Topeka Metro Bikes offers hundreds of sturdy bikes all over the city. Simply use the app on Android or iOS to find a bike and ride - it's easy. With multiple pricing options to suit the needs of everyone, Topeka Metro Bikes is a healthy, fun, and affordable way to get around the City of Topeka. Join the program today!

Program Participation

For users to participate in the SOBI Topeka Metro Bikes program, they must:

  1. Make an account: users download the Topeka Metro Bike app and register for an account and subscription plan. Users must have an account to ride.

  2. Release unlocking process: Users enter their 6-digit account number, and then the 4-digit PIN code to unlock the bike. Users bring the yellow U-bar with them, and put it in the holder on the left side of the bike while riding.

  3. Ride and enjoy - users can make quick pit stops by pressing the "HOLD" button and locking the bike to a rack for up to an hour. If a problem with the bicycle itself is noticed, the user should press down the "REPAIR" button and then lock the bike to a rack. Users must follow these rules to have a successful trip with no extra and unwanted costs.

  4. Return the bike - users end their trip by locking their bike to a bike rack or bikeshare station. If a trip is ended outside of a hub location, the user will be changed an additional $3 fee.

Bike Pricing*

Plan Name Cost Plan Description
Pay As You Go 5 cents/min No annual fee, pay when you need it
Monthly Plan $5/month Two (2) hours of free daily bike use
Annual Plan $25/year Two (2) hours of free daily bike use
Washburn Annual Plan Free with ID For students, faculty, and staff for full calendar year
City Employees Free with ID For employees of the City of Topeka for full calendar year

*Pricing as of June 2019