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Rubber Squeezy Chickens

Rubber Squeezy Chickens is a novelty product manufacturer specializing in its eponymous rubber chickens, selling to approximately 150 U.S. customers of various sizes from various industries through 144 salespeople.

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Accessing the Rubber Squeezy Chickens Dataset

Rubber Squeezy Chickens (RSC, Inc.) is a fictitious company created by the Walton College of Business in 2018 to approximate a real manufacturing company. The database consists of 12 tables including over 4,000 rows, allowing analysis of production, supply chain and sales models.

Access To This Datasets

Access to this dataset for educational use, accompanied by a Data Dictionary and Entity Relationship Diagram is available once Systems Access has been requested and approved.

Note: By legal agreement, It is forbidden to download the data from the University of Arkansas systems. This will be strictly enforced.

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Behind the Data

RSC produces over 100 creatively named products for sale for 121 brands, with a focus on leaving an indelible impact on their consumers through the humor found in their unique products. They operate 10 plants across the country, with two locations in Northwest Arkansas. The primary raw material for their products is rubber from shredding tires. Batches produce roughly 900 products each and require mixing, molding, trimming, painting, packing and storage. The data covers inventory counts, goods movements, sales, shifts and production runs from 2013 to 2018.

The Dataset

The RSC dataset is contained within the Walton College of Business' Enterprise Systems as WCOB_RSC. The dataset can be accessed with SQL queries within the University of Arkansas' Remote Desktop environment. The best way to access the dataset would be within the University's Teradata SQL Assistant software or Microsoft SQL Management Studio (Systems). Once an account is obtained, the RSC database can be queried as fit by the user.

Table Name Time Frame Rows Attributes Size (GB)
Batch_Product_Fact n/a 7,300 12 1.583
Customer_Dimension 1/1/1900 to 1/1/2199 120 16 0.657
Date_Dimension 1/1/2013 to 9/9/2025 4,750 11 1.344
Department_Dimension n/a 6 4 0.374
Inventory_Fact n/a 1,380 5 0.466
Month_Dimension n/a 158 6 0.503
Movement_Dimension n/a 3 2 0.371
Plant_Dimension n/a 10 5 0.377
Product_Dimension n/a 127 8 0.479
Production_Fact n/a 80,300 8 8.130
Sales_Fact n/a 5,984 6 0.992
Shift_Dimension n/a 3 4 0.371
12 TABLES     87 15.653
Platform data is currently available: Yes