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SAP: Exercises, Use Cases and Labs

The SAP University Alliance is an effort to enable university faculty to teach students about technology-enabled integrated business processes. SAP's S4HANA is their latest offering of in-memory computing for ERP systems. The provided materials help universities instruct in their ERP curriculum. SAP has also provided the University of Arkansas with access to their Fiori platform that is focused on the User Experience (UX) in organizations.

Resource Overview

The SAP exercises, use cases and labs currently cover the configuration of the Pen Company in the S4HANA platform. In addition, all of the configuration activities can be done through the created Fiori Launchpad that is linked to the clients provided by the University of Arkansas. In addition, several tutorials on using the Fiori Launchpad, Fiori Designer and Fiori Library have been provided. 

Pen Company Configuration

The Pen Company is a trading goods organization that was designed to teach Business Process Integration (BPI). The products purchased and sold include three Pen Styles (Barrel pen, Click pen, Premium pen) and a Pen Box. Students will create their own Company organization including organizational structure data, rules, and master data to purchase and sell their products.


Fiori Tutorials

The use of Fiori as a platform for interfacing with S4HANA has been integrated into the configuration exercises for the Pen Company. The BPI Fiori Launchpad created for the Pen Company has been designed to correspond to the 11 units (FI/MM) and the 6 units (SD) configuration exercises. Fiori provides the opportunity for each student to customize their Launchpad. The following exercises provide some of the options for customization.