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Data and Analytics for Good Journal

Data & Analytics for Good (DAG) is an open-access, peer-reviewed data and analytics journal dedicated to publishing research-worthy datasets, analysis, and dashboards that further one or more of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

Data & Analytics for Good (DAG) was founded by Walton Enterprise Systems at the University of Arkansas in collaboration with Appalachian State University, Arizona State University, NC State University, Burtch Works, and SAS Academic programs with the goal of gathering and documenting relevant datasets for current and aspiring analytics professionals to hone their skills and share discoveries that can help advance the U.N. SDGs. 


(Image Source: UN Website)


Different datasets used by the authors of this journal are loaded into Teradata housed at Walton Enterprise Systems. These datasets are then made publicly available to readers and authors of the journal who wish to utilize the datasets for research or class projects and help attain one or more of the 17 SDGs. 

This is more than just a journal.  It is an ecosystem that houses data and tools that can:

·         Allow learners to play with real data

·         Get experience with real tools

·         Show their work


How Walton Enterprise Systems Supports the Authors of DAG: 

1. Give access to analytics platforms (i.e. SAS Viya, SAS Enterprise Miner, and SAS Enterprise Guide)

2. Store the article datasets in Teradata Intelliflex

3. Give access to the existing datasets for practicing data analysis


Essential Links: 

Visit the Data & Analytics for Good (DAG) website

Read the Issue 1 articles

Submit an article to the journal

Read journal submission requirements

Request access to Walton Enterprise Systems

Request access for the datasets of the journal

Contact the editorial board of the journal